The Garden Few See

“The garden few see”

In Sechelt BC there is this beautiful little garden in front of the Paramedics Station. I love how the grasses and lavender flow with each other in the breeze ❤️

I think my connection to this little plot of relaxation is that I went a long time not “Seeing” it myself.

It’s not hidden. It’s smack in the middle of Sechelt’s little hustle and bustle street. Yet, I know that many people who pass it regularly will be scratching their heads reading this trying recall it’s location.

When I finally “saw” it I was actively working on my “being in the moment” and using my camera as my tool to focus in on the little things around me. I was floored when this brilliant wash of lavender and grass suddenly became so noticeable to me.

I work right beside it, pass it no less then four times a day! If being so busy had me missing this……what else was I missing?

Lots! Don’t hustle and race through everything! Don’t let your daily journey become a pre-programmed executed itinerary of “must do”‘s

Remember that the bigger picture was created by millions of little pixels and they all hold their own individual beauty.

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