The Four Little Trees

Four little trees were lost on the wind. Scared of falling in the ocean they asked the mighty rock if they could stay. “You May if you choose but I must warn you, Moss is not here yet and I have little to give” Thankful for the chance the four little trees went work making roots, taking only what they needed and giving all that they could.

For a century they sprouted and flourished. One day Moss started showing up, irritated with the trees it mussed and it fussed over everything the trees did. The trees respected the Moss because the rock had been waiting for the Moss to appear. Expectantly the Moss felt it had more rights to be there sprawling out and clinging to every bit of the rock.

The four trees understood the Moss wanted to fulfill its place, they knew the rock had plenty of warmth and space to care for all so the four trees felt comfortable knowing that the rock had welcomed and cared for them too when the winds had placed them there.

Through falls winds, winters freezing, Springs storms and Summer Breezes the four trees battled hard to drive their roots deep so as not to let the rocks hospitality be wasted. They honoured the rock by supplying food and shelter to the Moss as the Moss was providing a warm blanket to the rock.

For centuries this went on until one day Moss became angry, it no longer wanted to share the rock with the trees. Moss called on the sea, “They steal our food and block our light! Wash them away” The Sea believed the tiny little Moss, it was so frail, why would it lie? So the Moss clung hard and true as the Sea threw wave after wave at the four little trees, they bent and they swayed but they held deep with their roots startled by the Seas sudden thrashing. “Sea! Why? What is the reason for such a lashing?” Exhausted and frustrated with the four trees the Sea did not explain itself, it retreated to find the wind. ” You have to help! The tiny little Moss is trying hard to protect the rock and those Four awful trees are threatening to destroy the Moss and the Rock! I tried to move them but they are too strong for just I” Horrified that such little helpless Moss should have to endure such a task on its own it conspired with the Sea and the next night they threw the largest storm they could muster.

They beat the trees with massive waves and howling winds until all that was left was Four Leaning wisps of sparse branches. Yet they still stood. Weak and tattered they smallest tree finally spoke….”Why do you attack us so harshly?”

The Wind replied loudly “Moss filled us in on you! You are killing the Moss and damaging the rock! You must leave!”

Sad and heartbroken that Moss had played such a cruel game by twisting the truth to the Sea and the wind. That Sea and wind had not asked the four little trees their position before attacking. So instead of explaining the four little trees made a decision. They were not going to remove their roots from the rock. They swayed their trunks up and away from the Moss, the Sea and the Wind as far as possible. Slowly over the next few centuries they started to grow into the out crops of other trees, just like them. These other trees welcomed them with warm loving branches. Sheltered them from the wind and protected them from the Sea.


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