Ahhhhh……Control. It is the core of balance. Knowing when to hold it, when to let it go. How to harness it so it can work to our advantage, yet knowing when to let someone or something else have the control for awhile for our benefit as while as theirs.

Imagine you are a sailboat. With wind as your power you are ultimately under its control, right? Wrong. The sea has current to carry you too. So it has control right? Wrong!

You can not control the weather, Something I’m sure both my husband and my kids are tired of hearing me say, but you can harness it. You can become adept with reading the clouds and watch for sudden changes and with lots of practice use it to your advantage to get where you want.

You can do the same with charts and tide readings with the Sea, But neither can be be controlled.

You have to respect their energies and always maintain your balance. Control with people is EXACTLY the same.

You don’t get to have control over people. You have to respect each individual and their energy, if you don’t, you chance losing yours or their balance.

You should solidly question why you feel that need to control others. Like a sailboat trying to fight a tide or move when there’s no wind. You can cheat and throw the engines on and power right through, but you didn’t do it. You didn’t work in harmony and the energy is completely different.

The same goes With people, anyone can kick, scream, fuss make up stories to manipulate and control everyone around them to gain control……..but you didn’t do it. Your no better then turning on the environmentally destroying engine. Spitting out your fuel and churning up the beautiful water to gain control. Meanwhile You’ve missed the journey.

Control is the core to balance, if you are unable to relinquish it and pick it up in a healthy manner you might want to take up Sailing ⛵️


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